About CRM

Circle RM Ranch (CRM) is about
making the most of, and sharing this beautiful land
God has made, with you!   We strive to please God in everything we do.

Richard started his automotive repair shop
in the fast paced city of San Antonio where he
grew to be a “very” large business over 30 years ago.
He moved his business to Medina Texas in 1998 and

now makes repairs at the pace he chooses, in

the beautiful hill country while he watches the
sheep and deer play in the fields.   Richard
has a gift for fixing mechanical things; cars,
trucks, tractors, bulldozers, ATV’s …no job
is too big or too small. 

He has been helping various auto repair customers recently with their roads and found he enjoys doing that so in 2016 he added “Dirt Work”  to his services. 

We have had a hunting lease on this property since we began here.  We own 79 mountainous acres surrounded by other large properties and offer a 1200 sq. ft. apartment we call “The Lodge” for accommodation.

We also raise Barbados and Painted desert sheep.
Richard has had an eye over the years for
finding the right sheep that have produced
the beautiful coats and horns you see today.

I, Mary Myers, come from a business background of Secretarial,
Administrative Assistant, Legal Assisting,
and website experience.    I also raised Great Danes in the past, since 2008.
I retired from breeding Great Danes in 2016.
I now offer kennel space for folks
who need a place to vacation their dogs.

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