Sheep Sales

We are small breeders offering sheep sales  since 1998.  We sell quality Painted Desert and Barbados sheep.  We strive for trophy horn stock and beautiful colors.  This breed is a cross between Merino, Jacob, Navajo Churro, Barbado and Katadin sheep.

                                                                                           Past Breeding MalesRambo












 These sheep are “hair” sheep … there should be no long wool.  This means they do not need to be sheared.  They are disease resistant  as well as cold/heat hardy.  They are highly desired for their meat or as beautiful grazers for ag exemptions.  Hunting ranches desire them for their trophy horns.  Their colors are typically a beautiful tri-color of white, brown and black but can also be found in black & white or all white.

The lambs can be separated from mom at 3 months of age.  We usually have lambs available each spring/summer.  Prices vary (200+) depending on age & horn sizes. Ask about our delivery service.   For more info.

 Please call or text (preferred) Richard (830) 688-1746

Some examples of our lambs…

sheepsale1   sheepsale3  sheepsale2






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