Clerical/Website Work

We produce a great variety of materials including:
websites, flyers, brochures, bulletins, reports, letter’s, essays and Newsletters.

Pricing is based on an hourly rate of:

  • $50.00/hr. for websites, flyers, brochures, Newsletters, bulletins
    (“most” websites require an annual fee of $125.00 for upkeep)
  • $25.00/hr letter’s, reports, essays …
  • A deposit is required.  The amount depends on the project.

Contact for more   information.

Current websites:


Medina United Methodist Church
Taute & Mays Academy
The Core House Ministries
Christ Courtyard Chapel









Master’s Hand Auto





Past Websites:

Centex Swim America
Fox Renovations and Construction

Alice Ashcraft – Author/Consultant
Texas Standard Pools


Circle RM Danes